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A little bit about me...


Firstly welcome to the site, I hope you'll find a host of interesting
articles along with answers to any questions you may have
had in advance.


Like many therapists I came to study Hypnotherapy after already establishing a

career for myself in a completely different field. I hadn’t planned on a career change,

it was just a way of feeding my interest (or you could say fascination) in personal

development and trying to better understand the thought processes we all go through.


Very quickly I realised its true potential and Cognitive Hypnotherapy became a passion

for me, which eventually became the main focus of my life. I've now been qualified as

a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Progamming) Practitioner

since the begining of 2010, and in this time I’ve had the opportunity to help clients

with a wide range of personal issues. I’ve written a little about some of the treatments

I most commonly get asked about and you can find them in the treatments section.



However, the potential uses of Cognitive Hypnotherapy go way beyond what many people associate it with. Ultimately the aim is to not just to help cure clients of their fears and addictions, but to empower them so that they can continue their life believing in greater possibilities and equipping them with the tools to fulfil their goals. If you happen to have any questions about possible uses for Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP I’m always more than happy to talk about it, so please feel free to contact me.


Much of what I’ve learnt as a life coach I’ve adapted in to seminars relating to some of life’s challenges, such as self motivation, communication skills, and raising self esteem. I've had the pleasure of presenting almost all of these seminars overseas, and now I hope to schedule a few in London in the latter part of 2014. If you think that you may be interested please sign up to my mailing list or follow my blogs for future planned events.

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