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public Speaking

For many people the thought of having to stand up and speak to a group of people (especially if they happen to be strangers) is terrifying to say the least.


They'll often go to extraordinary lengths to avoid the experience. Sadly it also starts to impact on career choices and work promotions, limiting a persons true potential.


It taps into a primal where we fear the judgment of others. It may sound farfetched but one of our primitive (genetically encoded) instincts is to be part of a social group, and of course the higher status we hold in the group the more content we are. The fear then is the risk of being judged to be of less value. If people ridicule us it plays havoc with our sense of self esteem.

So rather than continuously trying to avoid it, or worst still going through with it and it turning out to be a total disaster which confirms your fears, isn’t it time to take positive steps to dealing with it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually look forward to giving a presentation in very much the same way you look forward to sharing your ideas with just a few close colleagues?

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