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What a struggle it is, right? Not really the way we’d like to live our lives. Having gone through this period of restricting ourselves and having reached our goal (or there about), the problem then is that many people go back to their old eating habits and their weight begins to pile back on. Finally the individual ends up where they started or having put on more weight than when they started. This is of course known as yo-yoing and the result can be a seemingly never ending cycle of weight-loss followed by gain, until the person either gives up on diets altogether or successfully manages to change their everyday eating habits permanently.


The trouble with using solely willpower to change is that what we're attempting to do is use conscious thoughts (i.e. deciding to eat more healthily because you notice a change in your waist size) to try to resist the urges and cravings that our subconscious throws at us. It’s true that conscious thoughts can eventually feed down into our subconscious, as is the case with affirmations, but trying to suppress subconscious urges for a period of time is a huge challenge and not particularly enjoyable or greatly successful in the long-term. Instead, wouldn’t it be better to work at changing those subconscious thoughts and emotions so that the choices we make lead to change in a much more natural way? That would also mean that we wouldn’t have to think about it constantly, and best of all, it would be permanent.


With the use Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) we are able to change our attitude towards food and eating habits at the subconscious level. So instead of employing our will power to resist unhelpful cravings, the cravings (bubbling up from our subconscious) simply begin to disappear. The idea of rewarding yourself with chocolate cake at the end of a demanding day when your will power is normally weak no longer occurs to you, instead the idea can be replaced with something much healthier.

healthy and permanent weight loss!

Whether we’re just trying to trim down or we’re dealing with a long-term weight problem, losing unwanted pounds is an ongoing struggle in many people’s lives. It seems logical that the solution is dieting...changing our eating habits for a certain period of time, taking in very fewer calories until we’ve reached our ideal weight. Then ending the diet and trying to maintain our new weight with of course some changes to our original eating habits. Usually we do this purely by using our willpower or sesolve to overcome all those cravings (of eating all the wrong foods, in the wrong quantities, at the wrong times of day).

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