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For those of you who take your sporting activities seriously, you're probably already well aware of the importance of having the right mental approach. Psyching yourself up and feeling confident about the outcome of a big game can mean the difference between winning and losing.


I’m sure we can all think of many examples of this happening, occasions where the least favoured team or player overcame all odds to win (occasions we tend to enjoy as they make us dream about what is possible, as long it’s not our team who is on the receiving end of course).

The common factor in all (or nearly all) of these cases is the metal approach and belief the winning team had. Somehow they were able to achieve a mindset that lead them to believe that it was possible and their bodies responded. Conversely the opposition lost belief and their performance dropped.


Sometimes sports people manage to achieve a state where they start to play seemingly beyond their abilities, playing in a state of consciousness not normally experienced. Sports psychologists have a name for this and they call it being ‘in the zone’...being totally present, totally focussed, where our actual skill matches completely what we’re attempting to do. It may be refreshing to know then that there are ways of ensuring that we can prime ourselves so that it's easier to get into this state.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP can not only be used to achieve the right frame of mind during competition, they can also help during training to get the most out of each session and help in keeping to training schedules. Apart from the techniques to get into the right mindset and get your body into the right energy filled state, sometimes it requires our subconscious beliefs to be addressed and changed so that additional things like eating and resting well become a lot more effortless.


It may be a case of a person’s subconscious beliefs and values are conflicting with what they are trying to achieve, and by making this change they move forward in leaps and bounds.



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