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trying to Quit?

Quitting smoking can be one the biggest challenges a long term smoker may face. Apart from overcoming the strong chemical addiction (the body’s craving for nicotine), smokers also have to overcome the emotional addiction.


In most cases kicking the physical addiction is the easier of the two parts and many people manage this with sheer will power and perhaps the use of nicotine replacement methods like electronic cigarettes, patches, and gum.


However, using will power means making decisions at a conscious level, whereas the emotions and cravings we are trying to control are part of the subconscious mind.

What this means is that even though we may be successful at beating the chemical addiction by using our conscious thoughts, unless we manage to change at the subconscious level the chances of falling off the wagon when we're feeling emotional are still very high. For example, when things are not going our way or even on occasions that we're celebrating something a thought such as "it calms my nerves" or "just one as it's a special occasion" can lead to taking up smoking again. I'm sure we all know someone who's managed to stop smoking for months or even years only to start back up.


By working at the deeper subconscious level cognitive hypnotherapy can help uncover and change the thoughts and beliefs that stand in the way of success, and as it all happens at a subconscious level the change can seem a lot easier and more natural.

It also means that issues such as weight gain, anxiety, anger or aggression can be avoided as many of these are a result of the conflict between your your conscious thoughts and subconscious cravings.

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